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Watersports Camps - Floating, paddling, swimming and carving

Kid in waves

Watersports are a very popular choice for a summer or even winter camp both in the UK and overseas. There are so many different kinds of water sports available these days, the hardest part for you and your kinds may be choosing!

There are the traditional water sports such as sailing, canoeing and kayaking that you may have even tried yourself. There are also plenty of high adrenaline water sports to have a go at like water skiing, surfing and white water rafting. Some camps are specific to one water sport where as some will be run on a multi sport basis so the children get to try many different water sports out during their time at the camp.

There are different camps for different age groups and abilities so you will find something for all. Take a look at the different pages for water sports camps available below.

Diving Camps

If your child has been inspired by the likes of Tom Daly in the Olympics and wants to try diving as a sport, then why not enrol them in a diving camp through the school holidays. Or if they are already a keen diver then attending a camp can be a great way for them to further develop their skills.

With the excitement and thrill of the high board, twists and turns in the air and not a belly flop in sight, it is no wonder that youngsters want to take this athletic sport up. With lots of leisure centres having diving areas it’s a sport that is easily accessible to all.

Most leisure centres not only offer lessons in diving but also run diving camps through school holidays. They tend to run for morning or afternoon sessions rather than a full day and sessions cost approx £25 per week.

Kayak camps for kids

Kayak means "man's boat" or "hunter's boat" and was created by the Eskimo’s, for hunting purposes on the arctic seas. They differ from Canoe’s with the main difference being a Kayak in an enclosed vessel with legs extended and uses a double blade paddle, where as a canoe is an open vessel, with you sitting or kneeling inside and the canoe and uses a single blade paddle.

Kayaking can be undertaken at multi activity camps and water sports camps, where they will do kayaking as a session along with other activities such as canoeing, climbing, surfing and scrambling. These types of kid’s camps can both be residential and non-residential. Residential camps can cost from £300-£600 depending on whether they are general activity or more water sports based and cater for children from 6yrs to 17yrs. Non-residential camps can be from one day to weekly and can start from approximately £30 for the day to £120 - £200 for the week.

Surf camps

Surfing and summer surf camps have become very popular over the last few years. It is not an easy sport and requires great balance, strength and determination to master it. It is great fun though, and with some good tuition and lots of practice the rewards are great.

Whether residential or day attended, a summer surf camp is an action packed place for kids to learn a fun sport and build confidence. A camp or course will often include essential water safety and lifesaving skills as well as plenty of fun filled surf action.