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Surfing Camps


What a great way to spend a few days or a week in the summer holidays, on the beach and in the sea learning to surf. There are daily attended and residential surf camps available. They are run at multi activity summer camps or specialist surf schools all around the country. A weeks summer camp involves many different aspects of surf life, not just plain old surfing. The environment created is one of great fun and excitement but with a strong safety message throughout.

What happens at surf camp?

There are surf camps that concentrate solely on surfing for the duration of the stay, but there are also surf themed camps, which will include various other beach games and coastline activities during the course of your child’s stay. These other activities can include snorkelling, rock jumping, kayaking and just about any other coastline activity you can think of.

Surfing itself has many different sides to the sport not just the full sized boarding that you may think of. Many of the camps will include other variations like body boarding and paddle boarding for the kids to try.

Many surf camps like the Camp Beaumont surf camp have British Surfing Association qualified instructors, great for some specialist skills training. Others will have qualified multi activity instructors that will be able to teach your children lots of different skills, just like the professionals.

Surf camp safety

Surf camps include many safety lessons that are invaluable life skills such as tide awareness, general first aid and lifesaving skills. Safety is paramount throughout any type of kids camp, but more so at ones involving water. For peace of mind you can ask the company you intend to book with for their credentials, qualifications and staff to kids ratios. Any reputable camp operator will always do everything they can to put your mind at rest.

A day attended surf camp can cost around £200 for a week with 1 day tasters available from £40 to £60. A week long residential surf school like the Camp Beaumont one can cost around £500 - £600 full board.

If you or your child is looking for a high action summer camp and wants to do something completely different to the usual ball sports and multi activity summer schemes, then surf camp ticks all the boxes.