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Sports Camps - Traditional, watersports, outdoor and urban

Football Camp

Sports are amongst the most common themes for summer and even winter camps. Coaching camps operate throughout the UK and Europe each summer and winter (more common in the summer holidays of course but camps do operate in the Christmas, half term and Easter holidays). Some sports based camps combine one or more sports and there are many that offer language courses alongside. International students may choose a sports camp that offers English language tuition at the same time.

Age groups tend to range from 8 to 18 year olds for residential camps and a little younger for some day camps. Prices vary hugely depending on location, duration and the sport involved. Click through to specific sections below to research different types of sport camps.

Football Camps

As with most other disciplines, football camps provide coaching for budding football players from 6 to 18 years. Camps are normally operated by organisations utilising college and university campus in the holidays or in specialist facilities with accommodation.

Prices for residential football camps in the UK range from £250 to £600 per week depending on the profile of the camp and operator, and of course what’s provided in the price. International camps are normally a lot more expensive than this but can offer more in terms of cultural experiences and diversity of training techniques.

Many of the major European football clubs operate their own training camps both residential and on a day only basis. The residential courses tend to be based in facilities near the club facilities and usually involve training based on that club’s youth academy programme and club freebies such as behind the scenes tours and merchandise. There’s also the possibility of a scout spotting an untapped talent!

Athletics Camps

Athletics has seen a surge in popularity since the Olympics in London and a number of athletics Camps have popped up in the wake of the Team GB success. There are small local events as well as specialist day and residential athletics camps available. Some are even set up and run by professional athletes.

A local day camp will start at around £15 per day or £60 for the full week. Some of the specialist day camps will be around £40 per day or £150 for the week. Residential Athletics camps can cost around £400 for the weeks training.