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Kids Summer Kayak Camps


If your child loves the great outdoors and wants to do Kayaking along with other sports and activities then they can attend a more general multi activity camp. These camps have Kayaking sessions as part of their multi activity camp, or water sports camp timetable. Kayaking can be undertaken on rivers, lakes and the sea, so depending on what the chosen camp offers and the location, the type of kayaking they will get to do may vary.

Some local leisure centers and sailing clubs also offer kayaking camps throughout the holidays where they will focus solely on kayaking. These are normally small day sessions of about 3 hours per day,morning or afternoon sessions and can start from approximately £90 for the week.

At kayaking or multi water sports camps children will learn the basics which includes, boat control and basic paddle strokes. It is a low impact activity, which is suited to all levels and abilities of children. It’s a great way to introduce your child to the water in a safe and fun way. Not only will your little one be having the time of their life but also improving their fitness, strength and flexibility.

Whilst your child is taking part in this water sport they will also be learning valuable life skills. Kayaking will teach them effective communication, problem solving and confidence within a water based sport.