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This section is designed to help you locate a venue based on location once you have decided what sorts of activities you are interested in.

Where you want to go / send your kids depends largely on the type of camp you are looking for. Alpine skiing academies are in short supply in and around London but you will find literally hundreds of activity day care camps. So you are likely to find something local as long as you don’t want a specialist camp. Having said that, there are many national providers who have decent UK coverage with academy type camps, mostly sports of course.

Camps in the UK

The UK hosts a good number of varied facilities that centre on the major areas (London, around Manchester and then in and around Glasgow and Edinburgh). Full on summer camps tend to take place in outdoor activity centres and purpose made facilities while day camps are largely based in schools and colleges during the closed periods.

Camps Overseas

If something completely different or a highly specialised academy type camp is what you need, look to Europe for some fantastic opportunities. Ski and Snowboard camps take place during the Christmas holidays for kids, teens, girls and boys in the Alps. Multi activity USA style summer camps are also in good supply where your child can mix with different nationalities and experience a genuinely new environment.

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